Stable Assets.
Low Minimum.
Impactful Returns.

We purchase stabilized properties in our target geography. Our team improves the property and improves the lives of tenants and communities. By investing, you can maximize returns while positively impacting tenants.

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Stable assets. Low minimum. Impactful returns.

Own Property in Minutes


Invest Your Preferred Amount

Become a property owner for as little as $500. Receive immediate access to your investor portal.


We Build Your Portfolio

Be a hands-free owner and let our expert team handle purchasing and operating. We consistently purchase properties to add better assets to your portfolio.


Watch Your Portfolio Grow

Enjoy quarterly dividends and consistent reporting. Easily adjust investment amount at any time.

Real Estate Investing at Your Fingertips

Create an account, choose an investment amount, and watch your capital grow within minutes.

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Access Assets Traditionally Only Available to the Wealthy

Access Assets Traditionally Only Available to the Wealthy

Real estate has historically only been available to high net worth individuals.

We’re changing that. With investments as low as $500, everyday investors can become property owners.

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We Take Care of the Hard Stuff

Our team consistently purchases fully-vetted properties to add to your portfolio, generating passive income.

We fix the leaky faucets and answer the late night calls, so you don’t have to.

Become a stress-free property owner with Reiturn.

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Consistent Returns and Simple Access

With smart technology and excellent service, you can watch your portfolio grow with the click of a button.

Increase investments, enjoy dividends, and watch portfolio performance in your portal.

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Smarter Real Estate Investing for the Everyday Investor

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